About Goondicum

Prime beef, smart and with heart.

Respect for their land and animals is the guiding principle that makes Goondicum Pastoral Co produce grassfed EU Brangus beef cattle of the highest quality.

Owners Robert and Nadia Campbell are passionate about raising cattle in a low-stress, natural environment that produces hormone-free beef enjoyed around the world. Their brand BC4 – Beef & Conservation For The Future – captures the ethos of the historic Goondicum Pastoral Co.

The company is centred on historic Goondicum Station, which sits on 7000ha of prime land at the head of the Burnett River, near Monto in subtropical central Queensland. The Campbells have farmed the land since the 1860s but Goondicum also is a rare surviving link to our planet’s earliest days.  Roughly half of the station sits on the crater of a prehistoric volcano, giving it a unique geology and ecosystem that thrives on rich soil and above-average rainfall.

The commercial imperative driving Goondicum Station is that paddocks with trees grow better-quality feed grasses than land that has been cleared. Better grass means improved nutrition, healthier cattle and increased profit margins.

Trees also play a vital role in producing high-quality beef. Natural woodlands offer animals refuge from sun and rain, prevent erosion and attract the wildlife that leads to an all-round healthier environment.

Low stress leads to the high quality of the 100% grassfed EU Brangus cattle produced by Goondicum Pastoral Co. Brangus bulls and their offspring have thrived in Goondicum Station’s favourable conditions since being introduced in the late 1990s. There’s no need for growth hormones.

Stress unquestionably affects the quality of beef produced and Goondicum operates on the basis that working and mustering cattle ‘takes as long as it takes’.  Noise levels are key to keeping cattle stress-free so there are no motorbikes, barking dogs or helicopters.

This unique approach produces beef that’s hormone-free and 100% grassfed EU-accredited. As well as bringing a smile to the face of Aussie diners, major markets for Goondicum beef include the EU and Australia’s premium international markets.