Where we are

Goondicum Station is 7000ha of prime agricultural land at the head of the Burnett River, 57km by road east of Monto in subtropical Central Queensland. Almost 20km of the property has double river frontages.

It is an A-class property on the Grazing Land Condition scale, which rates the capacity of land to respond to rain and produce useful pasture. Goondicum Station boasts a healthy population of year-round grasses dominated by species considered 3P – palatable, perennial and productive.

Goondicum is home to the 3600ha crater of an extinct volcano, giving it a unique geology and ecosystem that thrives on rich, fertile soil and above-average rainfall. Mt Goondicum, which reaches 537m above sea level and sits just behind the homestead, is the remnant of a volcanic plug.

Goondicum Pastoral Co also operates Coomalum, a nearby 2000ha property.