Community Spirit

The Goondicum Pastoral Co has been a positive force in the North Burnett community for more than a century and continues to be actively involved through support for a host of local groups.

That support takes the form of sponsorship and membership of groups including:

  • Monto State High School Cattle Club – annual donation of equipment to assist students
  • Sponsors of the Monto Show Society – providing the Bruce Campbell Memorial Trophy for the Highest Points Grass Fed for more than 20 years
  • Sponsors of Australia Police Football Association
  • Sponsors of Paramedics Australasia
  • Sponsors of Queensland Police Legacy’s Child Safety Handbook
  • Sponsors of the QLD Auxiliary Firefighters Association
  • Long-time members of Burnett Mary Regional Group
  • Long-time members of the Burnett Catchment Care Association
  • Members of the Queensland Frog Society
  • Members of the Australian Animal Centre for Education (AACE)
  • Members of Land for Wildlife
  • Members of BirdLife Australia
  • Members of the Queensland Koala Foundation
  • Affiliates with the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (UQ)
  • Proudly supporting fieldwork by James Cook University research students
  • Members of the Meat & Livestock Association
  • Members of the European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme
  • Registered Meat Standards Australia producers