Pests and predators

Disease or infestation could have catastrophic results for our animals, so Goondicum Pastoral Co enforces high-level biosecurity measures and strict wash-down protocols.

Chemicals are used only when an animal is stressed because of parasites – leaving animals untreated is neither humane nor productive. Cattle that are not treated for parasites and ticks suffer, and the irritation results in reduced weight and lower-quality beef.

Cool fires – an ancient land management technique practised by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years ­–  are used to disrupt the breeding cycle of parasites and encourage the growth of native grasses.  Selective thinning of regrowth benefits wildlife by allowing natural grasses and shrubs to grow, providing food and shelter for ground-dwelling animals.

Adapting these practices to modern farming also promotes the growth of trees with commercial value. In line with our belief in the economic benefits of sustainability, Goondicum Pastoral Co has developed timber production on a 15-year cycle of renewable resources.