Low stress, high returns

Goondicum Pastoral Co believes the highest quality meat can only be achieved by providing an exceptionally stress-free life for the cattle.

All of our cattle are free to roam in open paddocks with plenty of grass and shade. There are definitely no grain feedlots. Humane animal handling and low-stress techniques significantly reduce the possibility of bruising during transport,  as the cattle are quiet and easily handled. Goondicum cattle are transported up to 500km without sustaining any bruising that could affect the quality of their meat. A common comment is how Goondicum cattle calmly walk on and off the trucks.

These well-bred, well-fed cattle are highly sought after, with repeat buyers predominant when heifers are sold at auction.

As part of our stress-minimisation practices, Goondicum Station features six stockyard complexes purpose-built for either cows, calves or bullocks and/or weaners to reflect their different needs. These complexes also create a safe and efficient environment for staff. All have a full roof over the crushes and pound, giving shade during the summer and shelter during the wet months. It’s  a more pleasant experience for cattle and staff alike.